Wuv, luv, lub, dude I Love you…..?

Love … that 4 letter word that has so much passion and so much meaning… a word when said can put butterflies in your tummy and make you want to do back flips.

It’s quite sad how the once “meaningful” word has been over used and butchered to the point where it’s on the same level as the word cat… someone could come up to me right now and say “Dude Katie I Love you” and to me all I hear is “Dude Katie I cat you” same thing.

There is no way that, that person could love me, they barley know me, and they certainly don’t cat me.

what my question is What is love these days?

I mean I like pudding a lot, its very good and I enjoy eating it. Do I LOVE pudding? I do know that I LOVE my mom…

I love her so much I would jump in front of a speeding bullet and save her life.. if I say I love her am I putting her on the same level as pudding? I’m not sure, and frankly I don’t think anyone is.

It is just rather sad that such a meaningful word is so over used… and it makes me kind of upset. I mean we have an abbreviation for I LOVE YOU a.k.a “ILY” wow I hate “ILY” but people say it to me all the time and you know how I respond… “ily2” how else am I?

I cant write this paragraph to them in hopes to some how save someone from throwing the word so easily … so I just cave, give up, let them win because in the end we are all subject to saying it if you mean it or you don’t, all I ask is that you try to use it in moderation… kind of like drinking, because we all know what happens when you drink to much.

You end up sleeping with some girl telling her I love you, the mess starts again and she says it too.

The chain reaction has begun and you go to a chapel and both say I DO before you even blink you have 3 kids…

That is why you should never drink..[or say I love you to openly] that is all.