A lost Editor’s Letter

Greetings Bulldogs,
I am writing to you with no time. Like most of you out there I have school, work, family and friends all wanting a piece of my precious time. Along with this my work to bring you all the BCC news is never ending. Don’t worry you can thank me when you get a free second. Doesn’t it seem that with all the technology out there ensuring us minute to minute coverage-as-it-happens and nothing in the world being more than a few clicks away that we are only creating a situation in which we must be doing, even save the moments between things actually being done. There seems to be no time for us to asses a given situations and then make an informed decision. Instead we must accumulate our yes’s, no’s, and all of our maybe-so’s without actually taking stock of what this means in our lives. I always imagined that I would grow-up, go to school, get a job and do all of these things so I could be afforded the time to actually live my life. Now, it seems, that we have become obsessed with the means rather than the end. I, of course, am speaking idealistically. There is no avoiding work and the things in life that must be done in order to be a contributing member of this society, if this is indeed what one wants but the struggle to achieve success, however you define this term, has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The top rung on the ladder has been replaced with more plateaus to be achieved and then only being used as a foothold to grasp at the next. I urge you to stop for a moment and take some time for you. And when you take this time please stop the constant flow of input and notice your surroundings. Take a deep breath and live in-time with this huge ball of water and rock under your feet. You can tell everybody about it later but know that actual life is made up of the moments you aren’t paying attention to and not the ones you feel like you can hang your hat on. Don’t let these times pass you by because there seem to be less and less of them around. It may be a tougher road to take than the preconceived one you have been told to take since the day you were born but there will be a day set aside in your life in which you will look back and take an inventory of the way you chose to live and what those actions have given in return. I refuse to be thinking of a text message I should have sent or YouTube video I didn’t get to watch. I must actively focus today and every one that follows so that this does not become the case. Time is of the essence; time to evalute the important things in life, time to set aside some of that pesky stuff for you to become active in your own life, time to take back your exhistance. OK, that’s enough. You have got way too much to do to be spending your time looking at the trees.
Adam Magnoni Editor-in-Chief The Jibsheet