Meet BC’s new interim registrar

Meet the new Interim Registrar at BC, a man who finds meaning in his work. “It’s not the money,” Matt Groshong says, laughing. “none of us are in it for the money.” He’s the dean of student success, in charge of counseling, Trio, advising, CEO and high school programs at BC, recently taking the Interim Registrar position. Coming from a background of working at community colleges in Seattle since 1989 as an academic advisor, he has worked in numerous positions as deans of related departments. “I really like feeling that I am, in my own little way, making the world a better place.”

“There are lots of students who don’t know how to navigate the system,” he continues, repeating “lots of students” with emphasis. “I think that’s a huge growth area for the colleges, it’s our duty to reach out to students when they start to give them the knowledge they need.”

“Check your BC email, enroll when your registration appointment comes through, which you have to check your BC email to get,” and, “The biggest problem that students face is stretching their lives between work and school and family responsibilities. The main reason for low grades is that students don’t have sufficient time for studying.”

However, he does not advise simply stopping school, but rather that “you want to keep the momentum going, if you can, even if you drop down to just one class.”

“I’m also the person who has to sign, you know, the dismissals from the college letters that go out at the end of every quarter, and it’s not very many, but it’s a very hard job. And when I’ve talked to them, when councelors have talked to them the great majority is is that their trying to take a full load and their trying to work full time, it’s really common, and really, really straining.”

Groshong can be located in the B building, near the bookstore.