On set with the director of BC’s campus TV station

David Bruckner and Rick Otte prepare to go on the air.
David Bruckner and Rick Otte prepare to go on the air.

Many students are yet unaware that Bellevue College hosts its own cable television channel, which is located on channel 28. BC TV, the long standing cable channel managed, written, directed, produced and otherwise put together by members of the BC population, is a practical outlet for those with ambitions in media arts production.

BC has had this channel since the early 80s, and up until the late 90s, the channel was primarily for telecourses. The onset of online courses as the most popular form of long distance education has allowed for more room for various programs.

Richard Otte, director of television services said that, “Here at television services, this is a service department for the college. The main work we do here is all the video production for the college. If a department needs a video for promotional purpose or for recruiting purposes we produce those videos.”

Airing live basketball games, Carlson theatre concerts, interviews, and educational media productions BC TV is a varied studio.Much of this derives from the very diverse background of those working, with  some students coming through the digital arts media programs. or have been in the business previously and want to reintroduce themselves into the field.Class time is not based on a regular schedule, but rather, is based on project completion and reasonable upkeep on responsibilities. Responsibilities are capability based, with mentors present simply to assist those who need it. This is a particularly individual driven class, where most of the work and progress is based on personal determination rather then meticulous deadlines. There is some structure, and there are those onsite who can help mentor, but, as Richard Otte added, “As far as getting good at it, it’s up to you to dedicate the time to really spend working on the equipment.” Though some shooting goes on inside the studio, the vast majority of work is outside on professional level HD cameras, to be taken back to television services for editing.

Beyond the production team, groups and student programs can request for the program to produce a video for them. In fact, outside groups can make requests as well, but it’s preferred for the project to come from within BC.

The program provides the school with an onsite production facility of media in a professional form, and are currently working on a project for International Student Programs. Requests for future projects can be sent to Richard Otte.