US OPEN came to an end… What to look forward to next year

SOURCE: (Peter Arata)
SOURCE: (Peter Arata)

This year’s grand slams has finally come to an end and what a surprising final. Novak Djokovic taking the men’s bracket and Samantha Stosur taking the women’s final.

Jason Chapman the head coach for Bellevue College attended the US Open for the first time and hoped for Roger Federer to win the men’s bracket and Serena Williams for the women’s bracket.  Jason was “VERY surprised” that Serena lost the finals.

“Being at the US Open was surreal because New York was just another world. Everyone was loud and obnoxious and it was funny to see all the different reactions around the arena. The atmosphere was definitely different compared to the Australian Open”, which is the next grand slam coming next year January 16th to 29th.

Other coaches from Robinswood Tennis Center, the tennis facility off of 148th and through the City of Bellevue, thought differently about the US Open outcome. Mike Laracuente mentioned, “Roger Federer was going to win because Novak Djokovic wasn’t playing as well.”

“Serena didn’t come into the match as I thought she would because she had a lot of rest before her match”, said Max Mehren. “The women are so even but I thought Serena was going to win”, Darren Parsons thought throughout the US Open.

Robinswood Tennis Center’s senior receptionist Roseshel Howe was “impressed with Sam Stosur’s win against Serena Williams”. Roseshel also mentioned that “Serena had been playing amazing tennis and the commentators, I think, had her holding the winner’s trophy even before the first ball was served. It was great seeing Sam stay focused and compete so steadily in that match”.

With the Australian Open 2012 coming in a couple months, Jason Chapman mentioned, “Novak Djokovic is the new face to beat when it comes to the men’s”. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic’s plays are so different that Djokovic is able to out beal Nadal. BUT if Djokovic was to play Federer in any of the finals for next year’s grand slams there could be a chance that Federer would win a title for maybe one more year.”

Mike Laracuente believes that “next year’s players all have a chance because all of the players shots are disappointing. The new generation has too much spin and all the shots are gone. The only one left is Roger Federer”.

Roseshel Howe commented that “I personally would have liked a different match-up and perhaps dream of an all USA final for next year: how about some combination of Mardy Fish; John Isner; Andy Roddick; Ryan Harrison; or Alex Bogomolov”.

All in all, we are all unable to predict the future for the next grand slam, but there are so many players to look into for the 2012 Australian Open. I do hope to see our US players make it to the finals and of course win the championship, but good luck to all the players.

If you are interested in playing tennis for the 2011-2012 season for Bellevue College, contact Jason Chapman, Head Coach. or 425-452-4287.