…And the lockout continues

SOURCE: (blakstartalk.com)
SOURCE: (blakstartalk.com)

I hate to say it, but yes, the NBA lockout is still an ongoing process.

The lockout has been going on for months and we have yet to see much progress made on either side. 2011 has apparently turned out to be the year of the lockouts.

First we had the NFL lockout that thankfully ended in time to have  minimal impact on the regular season. Now let’s hope the NBA can follow suit and settle in time to have little or no impact on their regular season. The NBA lockout all started after the 2010-2011 season when the leagues’ collective bargaining agreement expired, ever since then the players association and the owners failed to agree to  new deal.

The NBA lockout seems to be millionares arguing over losing a couple million dollars,which leads the average Joe like myself scratching his head saying to himself “Really? C’mon!” What’s losing a couple million when you’re making 15?

The league loses more money if games aren’t played than if they just settle quickly and get back to playing basketball. It’s time for the players and owners to sign the new collective bargaining agreement, so the teams can start meeting and practicing. That way the fans get a quality season.

NBA League Officials and the players association continue to meet and have talks, but the players are strting to prepairing themselves for life outside of the NBA, well atleast for  a season.

Without the possibility of not receiving a paycheck from the NBA  this fall several players have tried to find short term income solutions. the top players and not so big named players have signed contracts to play overseas if indeed the 2011-2012 NBA season does not happen.

It also appears some players have taken extreme measures to ensure employment. Delonte West, for example, tweeted a couple weeks back that he had applied for a job at the Home Depot. Hey, maybe that will be a humbling experience for the guy if the season doesn’t happen.

Bigger picture: the season needs to happen for the fans, and not only for the fans, but for the thousands of employees who work at the NBA arenas all over the country and are dependent on the jobs the NBA creates.

With a down economy, it could be hard for many of them to find a new position elsewhere. I just hope that in the next meeting or even he near future, both sides can screw their heads on right and settle on terms so we can see our favorite players doing what they love.