Art club’s winter “kickoff”

The Art Club kick-off meeting was held on Thursday, Jan. 10 at 1:30 p.m. in C-154. Club President Tara Kraft led the meeting and welcomed new and returning members. Around 25 students attended the meeting that lasted one hour.

C-154 is one of the art classrooms in the C building. It is filled with art equipments such as light tables, a floor to ceiling chalkboard. This winter quarter, the art club is going to be conducting a fundraising event, a paper flower-making day and will create a MLK mural that is going to be exhibited during the Martin Luther King Day celebration at Bellevue College from Jan. 21-25.

The kick-off meeting was the first time interior design student, Julie Yuye Tian’s attended an Art Club gathering. “I’m interested in art in general. I thought this club would help me very much,” said Tian. Tian is currently applying to the BC’s interior design bachelor’s degree program. Tian’s favorite medium of art is 3D models. According to her, 3D design is more realistic than plain 2D models.

International student Philip Tandio has been a member of the art club since fall quarter. Tandio is planning to major in industrial design and is currently working on his associate’s degree to transfer to a four-year institution. He hopes to transfer to Parsons in New York. “I got to learn a lot of things here like we have these drawing slams, where we can pose as models and other students will draw them, so it was quite fun. You get to learn a lot of things such as clay and photography so that’s why I joined the art club,” said Tandio.

The next meeting of the Art Club will held on Thursday, Jan. 17 at 1:30 p.m. in C-154. The meeting will discuss more about the mural that the club is going to make for the Martin Luther King Day celebration. To know more about the Art Club, join their Facebook page at