ASG and OSLA leads fired

Zawdie BBQAs of April 1, 2014 Zawdie Terry, former president of the Associated Student Government and Shawn Jafri, former organizing director of the Office of Student Legislative Affairs, were fired for inadequate academic performance. Both students were on academic probation for a quarter prior to their being fired.
In a letter addressed “to my fellow students,” Terry states his stepping down from the position to be voluntary but does not address the probationary period or his inability to maintain a “2.7 BC college-level GPA or 2.7 quarterly BC college-level GPA for the two previous consecutive quarters” as is stated in the ASBC bylaws.
Terry does state that “last month, I was made aware that my uncle had been diagnosed with cancer, and just last Monday I found out he only has weeks left to live. My human response is to grieve. I have to give my own schooling a rest for the time being. According to our bylaws, this makes me ineligible to maintain office. So I am willingly stepping away to be with my family in this time of grief.”
The vacancies in ASG and their legislative arm, OSLA, left both organizations without a person in charge. An emergency board of
directors meeting was called on April 1 to hold a vote to determine which of the two ASG vice presidents would take over as president. Leslie Mayo, former vice president of finance and communication has been selected to serve as president for the remainder of the term. Joy Hoang, former OSLA communications coordinator, has been promoted to the organizing director position as of April 1 as well.
The duties of the vice president of finance and communication will be distributed amongst the remaining members of ASG. It is anticipated by Brandon Lueken, ASG and OSLA advisor, as well as Komalpreet Sahota, ASG chief justice, that whomever is elected for the vice president position will assume office early to accommodate the vacancy.
Hoang was promoted to the position of OSLA organizing director as “she was already doing a substantial amount of work … it made sense to promote her and reward her hard work,” said Lueken. “I can’t say I did it all,” said Hoang. “Shawn was there, but I don’t think he gave it his all … basically all Shawn had to do was show up and support me … I was trying to juggle both [positions].” The third position in OSLA, the legislative director (currently filled by Paul Bell) is in limbo as the student is not enrolled in courses at BC according to Hoang. In order to carry out necessary duties, OSLA is currently seeking three paid volunteer positions for the remainder of the fiscal year.
Jafri states that he does not think that he and Terry “received or had the option to receive support for the issues that may have contributed largely to our poor academic status while holding our positions.” Jafri continues to say that “I strongly believe that if we are to be held to those standards it is also incumbent on whoever holds us to those standards to support us … we are taking this on, but we should also get the support that we need.”
“If I was to be his hiring manager or his boss, I definitely would have let him go due to his work ethic,” said Hoang. Jafri admits that “personally, I’m not the most organized person[but]Idon’tthink that time management and organization … should be a requisite to holding any of these positions. You can still have ideas, and you can still have a vision, and you can still execute it, but on your own time schedule.” Jafri suggested that “the option of a little hand holding, if we so desire or require” would have been both helpful and appreciated.