ASG kicks off toy drive for kids in need

The  Associated Student Government at Bellevue College is sponsoring a toy drive for underprivileged children this coming week. The front desk at Student Programs in C-212 is accepting donation of new toys from Nov. 13 until Dec. 7. The toy drive is a part of the Compassion Caucus event, also sponsored by the ASG.

The Compassion Caucus is the kick-off event for the toy drive, it is going to be held on Tuesday, Nov. 13 from noon to 2 p.m. in room C-120 A and B.

The caucus will have workshops about learning how to be compassionate, sharing ideas about compassion and other issues regarding compassion.

During the Compassion Caucus event, students are also going to make cards for patients at local hospitals. These cards will be given to patients that are in the Intensive Care Unit. ASG Campus Life and Events Representatives Keturah Anderson will be the one presenting the caucus.

“By giving these gifts to the children who can’t afford them, you are bringing that joy you experienced as a child to those who never got to experience that joy,” said Anderson.

According to Anderson, the ASG will accept toys for children ranging from two to 18 years old.

ASG Marketing and Public Relations Representative Heidi Yota said that the toy drive is an example of how we can spread compassion through a small deed. “I fully support the toy drive that Keturah is organizing because it is for a good cause,” said Yota.

Yota hoped that the event will raise awareness about how important it is to have compassion in our daily lives.

Yota also hoped that the good deed of compassion that students will learn will be like a chain reaction. Where people would do it to one another  and spread a good deed.

Yota added, “I personally think that money should not be a limiting factor to one’s happiness and spreading compassion through the toy drive is a way for us to help the less fortunate overcoming those barriers.”