ASG to match 50 percent club funds for charity event

By Brook Stallings.
At last Tuesday’s Associated Student Government (ASG) board meeting, the ASG voted unanimously to give the Business Leadership Club (BLC) $1,962 for the “2K Walk and Roll for Change and Hope” on May 7th.
BLC also asked the board to set aside $3,750 out of the ASG clubs account to match money raised by clubs with teams in the event, to give clubs an incentive to participate.
Board members raised concerns about tying up money in the clubs account, so ASG Rep. Burke Colquhoun proposed an amendment to the request to pledge the money from the reserve account instead. The amended request passed 5-0-0.
Under the motion as passed, the ASG will match 50 percent of all money a club raises for this event, either from ticket sales or through donations, and give it to the club. Requests for the money will still have to be approved by the ASG, but clubs will not have to show fund-raising efforts to get the money, as they usually would.
The ASG will match no more than $3,750 total. If the cap is reached, the money will be split evenly between the clubs.
There is $7,200 in the club account, which is set aside specifically for student clubs. A club can make a funding request to the ASG Board, which votes to approve or deny the request.
The reserve account has $123,011. This money is held in reserve for one-time expenses.
The proceeds will primarily go to the Student Safety Net, which helps BCC students short on money to stay in school, and to Hopelink.
Participating clubs chartered for a charity, such as UNICEF, will receive money they raise to donate to their own charity.
Dodge said that about 10 clubs had already agreed to participate. The Gay Straight Alliance, Phi Theta Kappa, and UNICEF of BCC all had representatives at the meeting to support BCC’s effort.
The Edge of Sound podcasting club was on the agenda to request $3,693.52 to attend a broadcasting conference at Washington State University. The motion was tabled, as no one from the club was present to give the presentation.
Nick Meyers, vice president of The Edge of Sound, said neither the club’s officers nor advisor were told they were on the agenda.
Amanda Alva was unable to attend the board meeting, and arranged for Vice President for Equity and Pluralism Yunita Oesman to chair the meeting.