Associates in Arts and Sciences


Are you dissatisfied with the constant questions you have when it comes to fulfilling everything you need to complete your Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences?

Do you make a ritual of penning your advisor into your schedule once a month to keep on track?

Have you ever stopped what you were doing late one Thursday night between procrastinating an English paper and drinking your evening cup of tea and asked yourself if an AA in Arts and Sciences was right for you, even though you know it is because you made sure to pen YES all over your planner precisely for these moments?

If you just nodded in response to this, this article may be of importance to you.

An Arts and Sciences AA degree may be a lot of work and a lot of late nights (90 credits what?), but it is one of the most stable degrees a student can shoot for when continuing on to their BA or searching for a job – especially if they are undecided.

There is also a large branch of choices of what you can go into when the time comes for some decision-making.

Some of the most common areas a student with a BA in Arts and Sciences chooses to go into include education, human relations, communication-even computer or political science.

When it comes to questioning whether you will earn a job in the field of your choice, having a Bachelors Degree alone puts you on a high list for managers who are looking to hire at entry level positions, and a BA is a great way to get an entry level position at a large business company or corporation.

And once you’re in, all you need is a positive thought-process and the will to do your work to climb the ladder and go on towards bigger opportunities.

Having a BA shows a company you are willing to do your work, you can stick to a job and you can push through the struggles inside their business to finish the job. And it especially tells them you can learn and accept knowledge in the force.

They know you are applying to their job because you want to. You paid for the education to earn a spot in their line of work, and you aren’t just there to find a place to slack off and get your bills paid.

Another job opportunity you should look into is working at the university you are attending. Not only will you be learning hands-on-experience at what you want to do after graduation, but you are gaining connections as you go.

In this economy things are hard, but if you keep searching you WILL find a job, whether it is what you wanted to start with or not.

It will lead to bigger and better opportunities down the line if you stay determined, continue learning, be open, and do your work to the best of your personal ability.