Audiences amazed by “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider does.” Or at least whatever Andrew Garfield can do as far as swinging from five-story buildings and saving Jamie Foxx from being hit by a car in downtown New York.  The Amazing Spider-Man couldn’t get any more amazing with the second rendition to the comic book series  If The story eaves off of the first movie with Peter Parker graduating his senior year of college after defeating Dr. Curt Connors, (Crazy lizzard man that lives in the gutters) you have not seen the first Amazing Spider-Man, it may be difficult for you to follow the storyline when it comes to Peter Parker’s parents who mysteriously go missing. The creator of Marvel, Martin Goodman (who, yes, made his brief ritual iconic appearance as he does in most Marvel action hero films) the story follows the storyline pretty well. Emma Stone, who plays Gwen Stacy and just happens to be Peter Parkers love interest on and off screen, performs well with the climax of their love being left in limbo because as we are all well aware, Spider-Man has enemies, thus endangering her well-being.
Jamie Foxx plays (no, not Django Unchained, not this time anyway) Max Dillon, an overlooked electrical engineer and lineman for Oscorp that becomes Spidie’s main villain, Electro. You can draw your own web of assumptions of how the rest of the film plays out. And Emma Stone dies. Spoiler alert! Overall, the movie was pretty damn good and I recommend those of you who actually know a thing or two about comic books and especially Marvel, to go see it. It might just be worth 10 bucks and who knows, maybe if you go see it, you can share popcorn with the chick or dude sitting next to you, and who knows? You may just fall in love yourself over a good cry.