The meaning of “Dream”

December 2, 2008 0

By Takumi Torii A dream is formless and invisible. Who can really imagine or know their real future? The thing that is seen when we are sleeping is also called […]

Only one life to live

November 25, 2008 0

By Takumi Torii Time goes by very fast. It has been already eight months since I started going to BCC, and all of a sudden, it is time to think […]

BCC Men one-up Everett

October 21, 2008 0

By Takumi Torii The second ranked BCC men’s soccer team defeated Everett Community College 1-0 at home last saturday. “It wasn’t very good game for us, we never became comfortable,”said […]

Volleyball swept by Edmonds

October 14, 2008 0

By Takumi Torii The women’s volleyball team at BCC, on Wednesday, October 8, 2008, was defeated by Edmonds Community College in three straight sets. All three sets were very close. […]

Looking for pieces of peace

October 14, 2008 0

By Takumi Torii An atomic bomb exhibition was held at BCC over the past two weeks, and I was involved in its management. In the project, there were four content […]

Digistar 3 is a portal to the stars

October 1, 2008 0

New technology is only avaliable in four other places on Earth By Takumi Torii This summer BCC opened up their planetarium show, formerly limited to students studying astronomy, to the […]