BC Rotaract bake sale raises money for playground

The Bellevue College Rotaract is a club based on the slogan “Service above Self.” They are connected to the bigger club known as Rotary of Bellevue which is connected to the even larger network of Rotary International.

The Rotary club’s priority is explained as “The collective leadership and expertise of our 1.2 million members helps us tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, locally and globally. We are united by common values and vision for the future as we sharpen our focus with targeted specific causes that will reach communities most in need.”

Rotaract itself is aimed at college and university aged youth who are looking to make a positive impact in the society. There are a variety of activities that go on including service projects, social activities and professional development through guest speakers and conferences.

On November 2 and November 3, the Bellevue College Rotaract held a bake sale to support the Inspiration Playground. The inspiration playground is a plan to modify the downtown Bellevue Park and make it more accessible.

Club members Nicole Wen, Lauren Arnold, Amita Brar, Emily Saeyang and Kyle Mai manning the bake sale booth
Club members Nicole Wen, Lauren Arnold, Amita Brar, Emily Saeyang and Kyle Mai manning the bake sale booth

As stated on the Inspiration Playground website, “We believe that children of all abilities deserve to play, socialize and imagine together and to reap the many benefits such activities bring. But, for the growing number of children with disabilities in our area, including those with sensory deficits, most playgrounds aren’t fully accessible or can’t accommodate their needs.”

Nanami Tsumura, the president of the Bellevue College Rotaract summarized the plan “Basically, Bellevue Rotary is doing a huge $5 million project to redo the whole Bellevue Park next to Bellevue Square, they are redoing it so that kids with all abilities can play together.”

Bellevue College Rotaract is helping this project. The bake sale included many different designs and treats for people to choose from including Seahawks themed cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels and brownies.

Members would also go around with a basket and bring the goods to people in different areas on campus. Tsumura said “This is just one of the things we do within the year. Previously, we volunteered for Camp Good Times over the summer, and had school supplies drives. The officers also attended the Big West Conference a couple weeks ago for professional development.”

Ayah Idris, the Vice President for Bellevue College Rotaract said that “Rotaract is dedicated to helping people in the community. We do a range of things in order to accomplish that, we do hands on projects from school supplies drives and bake sales. Also, we learn leadership from helping arrange events and attending professional conferences and presentation skills. It is a really good experience considering the amount of things I’ve learned.”

For fall quarter, Rotaract holds their weekly meetings at 12:30 to 1:30 on Mondays in room C225. Idris continued to say that “if anyone wants to join, feel free to come and sit in on a meeting and become a member.”