BC Student Programs hosts first Student Senate

Yelling matches in the parking garage, buying a $150 textbook that would only get use once the whole quarter, or a vending machine breaking down and taking your money. Sadly, these problems are all too common for college students, but here is a chance to make that change.
Representatives from 18 different clubs here at BC met last Monday afternoon in C120 in the BC Cafeteria to hold the first Student Senate meeting.

ASG president Shellton Barnes and Associate Justice of External Affairs Abshir Mohamed headed the meeting by stating what the purpose of Student Senate was for.

The Student Senate meetings will provide a forum with members of the Associated Student Government (ASG) present for students interested in voicing problems that they experience or to clubs that want a way to network and communicate with other organizations.

The ASG would like to be more informed on what issues students have so that they can make the changes students desire. Considering that the ASG has about $2,000,000 to spend on campus matters, if your problem is one that many face, you could actually see it end.

The biggest topic of discussion by most clubs at the meeting was the increasing lack of student interest or involvement in matters that should directly concern them.  The big example was the OSLA’s campaign for the student walk-out. The campaign dealt with the growing rise in tuition and the decreasing amount of funds going to financial aid.

Some of the other issues brought up at the meeting were the increase of tuition, textbooks, and of course, the ever-annoying troubles of parking.

To make these meetings effective, all students — whether in clubs or not — are encouraged to attend the Student Senate meetings in order to get the largest population of voices.

The student senate is still working out the best time to hold regular meetings. Facebook’s new polling system will help to determine when future meetings will be held. One Friday every month seemed like the most agreeable option.