BC wins first NWAACC match

On Wednesday Sept. 25, the noise and heat inside the gymnasium greatly contrasts the chilly and silent outside. Sounds of screeching shoes, crowds and screams of the practicing athletes fills the air as Bellevue College’s volleyball team prepares to face Whatcom Community College.

The players can be seen flawlessly choreographing their well-rehearsed practice routine. From practicing passing, retrieving to smashing balls, the players are faithfully doing their jobs. They cheered for each other and gave each other encouragements. They even seemed to be enjoying themselves as they danced to the playing music and shouted energizers and team chants. Their coaches seemed calm and content.

The visiting team could also be seen doing their routines and screaming chants. Despite their loud noise, The Bulldogs do not seem to be intimidated.

After the U.S. anthem was played and the names of the players were announced, the players went to their positions and the crowd made themselves comfortable as they braced themselves for the impending game. The North West Athletic Association of Community Colleges volleyball league kicks off.

BC gets off to a great start. The Bulldogs showed that they are well prepared and ready to face their opponents. They gathered points quickly and won the first set with a large score gap of 25-11.

The ladies seem to be enjoying themselves a lot and displayed great teamwork, vision and focus. They seemed to find defending and attacking against their opponents not much of a problem. They had great understanding among each other, and their opponents could be seen left trailing.

Although the first half was a more one sided game, Whatcom showed promising signs in the next round. They returned balls better and gathered more points. The Bulldogs however, yet again managed to contain their opponents and triumphed over them again, this time with a closer score gap of 25-20.

Despite Whatcom’s promising display in the second round, the third round proved that they simply could not handle The Bulldogs.

A large score line was yet again created, and The Bulldogs managed to finish their opponents off with another thumping 25-11 win, thus bringing the game to a close. The crowds cheered and the players celebrated their well-deserved victory.

The Bulldogs sorted their league matches with a win and seem to be well prepared for their upcoming games. They face Olympic College and Shoreline Community College on Sept. 27 and Oct. 2 respectively, both games away from home. Their next home game falls on Oct. 4 where they face Skagit Valley College.

With 14 wins this season at their disposal this and ranking second in the north region standings, the Bulldogs are looking strong and are a team to be taken seriously.