Bellevue College and its talented students

Bellevue College’s Got Talent is an unofficial spin-off of the famous talent show franchise, “Got Talent.” This year, the BC’s Got Talent will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 23 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The competition gives opportunities for BC students to showcase their different talents and perhaps walk away with the first, second and third place prizes. BC’s Got Talent is sponsored by the Campus Activity Board.

In the original “Got Talent” series, the competition lasts for months. The competition gives the opportunity to talented amateurs or unknown performers to showcase their talent and walk away with millions of dollars.

Julia Yemelianov is a Graphic Designer and Events Coordinator for CAB. She has helped plan BC’s Got Talent for the last two years. According to Yemelianov, there was a lot of good feedback from BC’s Got Talent last year, which is why they are doing it again this year. Participants do not have to be present during the whole duration of the event. They only need to be present for their performance.

This year’s BC’s Got Talent will be judged by Student Programs Front Desk Assistants Safae Zniber, Joav Gomez and another undetermined judge. Keturah Anderson, Associated Student Government  Campus Life and Events Representatives, will be this year’s Master of Ceremonies for the event.

Both Zniber and Gomez have said that they are looking for acts that are original and unique. Gomez added that the criteria that they are judging are based on the act’s originality, audience response, stage appearance and personality. “I’m looking for a great, creative performance that I’ve never seen before,” added Zniber.

The first place act will receive a $100 gift certificate to Bellevue Square and a gift bag, the second place act will receive $50 gift certificate to Bellevue Square and a gift bag, and third place act will receive $25 gift certificate to Bellevue Square and a gift bag. Every participant in the show will receive a gift bag.  In the 2011 BC’s Got Talent, there were we around 20 participants, including both groups and solo acts.

According to Yemelianov, students should join BC’s Got Talent to show off and embrace their talent. “We are a college full of talented people,” said Yemelianov.

Yemelianov added that last year’s BC’s Got Talent acts ranged from singing, dancing and poetry reading to stand up comedy. There were no prizes for the second and third place acts and the winner of 2011 BC’s Got Talent was a beat-boxing act.

Students who want to register for the competition can fill out a form at Student Programs, which is currently located in L-100. If there is someone who has a wonderful talent that is worth sharing, register now and who knows, it could be a stepping-stone to do something big in the future.