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Sex is good for your health.. very good
Sex is good for your health.. very good


Unlike squats, pushups, bench pressing, marathon running, javelin throwing, baseball hitting, jet skiing, or chin-ups, sex is the only activity that can vastly improve both your physical and mental health as well as provide you with a healthy dose of confidence.

To the average skeptic, sex is nothing more than moving the car into the driveway; hardly worth the effort since you only burn a tiny amount of gasoline turning on the engine. Others believe that it promotes promiscuity, and in turn, encourages ill habits. Too often, the feminist movement proclaims that sex is a tool used by men to control and abuse women (seems to be quite reversed to me).

Sex relieves stress and boosts immunity. Sex excretes a hormone in your body called oxytocin, which causes endorphins to be released. Endorphins are the hormones that make people feel happy and content. It has been proven that people who have regular sex are less worried or stressed. The short term effect is that endorphins also cure things from headaches to cramps. Having sex also releases immunoglobulin A, an antibody that braces the body against the common cold a number of other infections. Sex is nature’s Tylenol PM and vitamin supplements.

Sex helps you stay in shape. A common misconception about “in shape” is that it is equivalent to body shape. Hollywood portrays anorexic models as the definition of “in shape.” In this article, however, “in shape” means above average body performance level. Actually, sex could put you in great shape. Studies show that having sex for an hour can burn anywhere from two hundred to seven hundred calories, depending on how hard you work. It helps increase blood flow, leading to lower risk of heart disease, it tightens muscles, and improves cardiovascular health. People who have sex at least two times a week tend to live longer than those who do not. Of course, the idea of being naked in front of someone twice a week also motivates people to stay in shape.

Sex helps self esteem and boosts intimacy. Sex may turn some people cocky . Too often, we hear of those horror stories, but with more endorphins in your blood and an energized body, who would not feel like king of the world? Thankfully, there are those who are silent but carry a big stick (wink). A bit of mental gloating often leads to better interaction with others as well as your partner. Couples who are physically comfortable tend to do better in a relationship.

Sex helps you sleep. Deep sleep is the key to faster cell repair, brain development, and numerous other health benefits. This ties in very nicely with the fact that sex can cure headaches. Now, she will not have a reason to make that excuse anymore.

Now some might be skeptical about lasting an hour or even half an hour. Sex does not actually mean having someone thrusting repeatedly for an hour while keeping an eye on their watch. All these benefits come merely from engaging in it as a diverse activity from gentle foreplay, such as an early make out session, to rougher foreplay like, wrestling or intimacy games. Having sex in the water also makes the process harder, but definitely hotter. Studies have shown that water is literally nature’s aphrodisiac; it encourages couples to work harder and be more adventurous. It should also be mentioned that using all parts of the body while engaging promotes more calorie burning and increased creativity.

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