Bulldogs dominate Edmonds as numbers count

By Jack Linderoth.
Last Wednesday, the BC women’s basketball team chalked up another victory on their scoreboard, beating Edmonds CC 91 — 38. The win means that the Bulldog’s have now won eight out of their 14 games this season. “It hasn’t been an easy season, we’ve worked hard but still need some improvement on defense,” said head coach Brent Hermanson. The game was a high scoring one, and at halftime Bellevue had the lead over Edmonds 45 to 17. With a minute and a half left in regulation, Bellevue made sure to ride out the clock. Edmonds had possession but Bellevue made sure to tighten up on defense, and stopped Edmonds from scoring. At the end of the second half, the Bulldogs gained their biggest lead of 53 points over Edmonds, ending the game 91 to 38. The Bulldogs had an impressive 58.7 field goal percentage, with Edmonds making only 32.6 percent of theirs. Amy Rochowiak and Alisha Love both had impressive games, scoring 36 points between the two of them, over a third of the total score. Such an emphatic victory for BC can, in some part, be due to the fact that Edmonds had only six players in their squad. “Without a large team, it’s difficult to play,” said Kaneshia Brooks, a shooting guard for BC. Though Edmonds tried valiantly to close the gap in the score, the Bulldogs proved too much. “I think this is probably one of our best games and it’s a real confidence booster,” Brooks said. While confidence is always an attribute a team needs to succeed, too much can be costly. This is something that Hermanson is acutely aware of. “Over all it was a good game. Edmonds played as best they could, but they were lacking some manpower. The main thing is not to let this go to their heads. They played well but it’s easy to get over zealous with a win like this, and there are still plenty of areas were we need to tighten up our game,” he said. Another important part of the game was the fans. “It was the biggest crowd we’ve had in six years,” said Bill O’Connor, Athletic Director at BC. This really helped give the team the encouragement they needed and Hermanson hopes that BC can become part of an increasing fan-base for basketball enthusiasts. “If we were able to get a larger turn out it would really help motivate our players on both the women’s and men’s teams,” he said. Bill O’Connor urges those who are interested in basketball to show their support for our team. The Bulldogs are currently on winning form, playing fast, exciting basketball. For those who would like to attend, a calendar displaying BC’s basketball schedule can be found below.