Burgers Music and Politics

The white tents and tables were up early in the morning on Tuesday, May 11 just in front of the library in the Theatre Courtyard. Sponsored by the ASG, the far end of the BC campus had booming music playing and the mouth-watering smell of burgers filling the air from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The ASG BBQ was held so that students had the chance to meet the candidates before voting for the best representative for our school, as well as enjoying a nice free meal and “de-stress” from classes. SuperDave Radio DJ Entertainment came to BC to fill the air with music ranging from R&B to techno.
It rained the day before so it was disbelieving to see the beautiful sun for this campus-wide event. Red, white, blue, silver, and purple balloons were everywhere and people took out their sunglasses to celebrate the warm sunshine. Even Jean Floten, the President of Bellevue College, came to celebrate. By the time lunchtime hit, the place was filled with BC students and staff. Students picnicked on the lawn in front of the library, a group of students were dancing to the music, while some played Frisbee.
Everybody entered the event – just outside the cafeteria,  to greetings from the ASG candidates. After voting on the mini laptops that were set up, one would receive a stamp food and make their way through the burger line to get some delicious food – and ice cream for dessert. Student program booths were at the event to provide information aimed at recruiting new members for this coming school year including: the Magic Club, Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society, Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA), and the Black Student Union (BSU) – just to name a few. BECU, CLEAR, Wells Fargo, and City University were some vendors with booths set up as well.
The DJ called students forward to show their mad dancing skills. In no time the BBQ became a dance-off in which students and staff members gathered around in front of the DJ’s booth to meet the challenge. A big number of students danced to hip-hop, break-danced, swing-danced, “jerk-d”, and did the “stanky legg.” By this time, the other side of the campus was deserted as everybody crowded to the far end of the school. After the dance-off had cooled down, the ASG candidates introduced themselves one-by-one to the crowd.
The ASG BBQ is an annual campus-wide event where BC gets to let loose and vote.