Business Leadership Community

Business Leadership Club became so influential in the college community that it is now a program funded by Bellevue College. Hence, they have decided to change their name from Business Leadership Club to Business Leadership Community.

BLC has been growing since, consisting of over 200 students who are active participants in many of the events.

BLC was founded by Leslie Lum and Judith Paquette who are both faculty teachers for the business transfer program.

The club exists to assist business transfer students to get through college. “The main goal of BLC is to connect business students to the real world, the real business world, which they can’t experience in the classroom. We are here to enhance their network with fellow students and business professionals,” said Rizki Andriyanto, current president of BLC.

One of the main focuses of every meeting, event and hearing is networking. The basic definition of networking is to connect or operate; this is one of the most important factors in having a successful career in business. “First of all, students are able to network. Networking is very important; business is almost all about network. Secondly, practice their communication and teamwork skills, produce and be involved in events, connect with business professionals through gala dinner and events,” said Andriyanto.

BLC means so much to Bellevue College; one of their most serviceable contributions is the Business Tutoring Center, where many of the business students go when they need help or have questions.

There are also many upcoming events such as the WSA Mock Exam, iSoftStone Job Shadowing, Lauren Hall Social Media Marketing, Gala Dinner by InterIm CDA and the ongoing transfer workshops.

These events have been proven to be very successful for business students and for non-business students alike. It is open for anybody to join. “Be involved more, be active, be wanting to learn more, because if you don’t take action, you know nothing,” said Andriyanto.