Student Program: Campus Activity Board

The Campus Activities Board is your representative for Bellevue College’s campus events. We are a team of six graphic designers and event coordinators that create new and exciting events for the campus each quarter. We have our signature events such as Campus Activities Board De-stress, “Coffee, Tea and Politics”, Spirit Week, Valentine’s Day and more!

For every event we require volunteers. Volunteers get a great experience meeting new people, getting involved in the campus life and a free signature CAB T-shirt. If you are interested in volunteering for any of our events, contact us!

Besides our own, we co-sponsor other events from different clubs and programs here at Bellevue College. If your club has a future event in mind, come and talk to us. We might be interested in co-sponsoring.

Every club on Bellevue College campus has the ability to promote and advertise their own event or organization through CAB.

You may request posters, flyers, logos, buttons, brochures, plasma screen ads, etc. Other than printing costs all graphic and poster making is free of charge.

You can request a graphic by filling out a “Publicity Request Form” from us, either at our office C212 or online from our website.

After the posters have been created, they are placed by CAB on the 75 bulletin boards existing on Bellevue College campus.

You can visit us any time for graphic design requests, event information, questions about volunteering at our events or simply to just say hello!

Our offices are located at Student Programs, C212, the second floor above the cafeteria.

For updates about new and upcoming events on campus, “like” our Facebook page! or visit our website at