Club fair: Get to know the clubs at BC

On Wednesday, Feb. 19, Bellevue College’s clubs got together in the cafeteria for the Club Fair. The Club Fair served to  the club representative the Watchdog spoke to was Wichaphon Charnsakorn, the external coordinator of the Asian Pacific Islander Student Association. Wichaphon explained that the point of the association is to spread the Asian/Pacific Islander culture, to help its members solve their problems, and to create a bigger Asian/Pacific Islander community. The APISA meets Fridays at 12:45 – 2 p.m. in room C103.

Narumi Dwyer, a member of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship said that Intervarsity is “a Christian club whose goal is to try and show people an easy way to understand Christianity.” This is achieved not only from talking about the gospel but also studying it and its underlying meanings. The club is centered not just around Christianity but its motto: “Come as you are. Leave changed.” They hold meetings every Mondays at 2:30 p.m. and Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in room C225. For more information and ways to contact the members of Intervarsity you can visit their Facebook group: iv.bellevuecollege.

The Bellevue College Film Society was another club that attended the fair. The club’s leader, Tyron Purchase spoke on what his club is about and their current projects. “Basically it is about students coming together to make films and projects that help benefit Bellevue College,” said Tyrone. He also mentioned that the Film Society is not just for film and movie buffs, if you are an aspiring actor you can also join the club. Tyrone said that they will need all the actors they can get especially for a lost Hungarian film that he and the club are trying to work on re-creating. He talks about how it is called “Burn the Flames,”a Hungarian film that revolves around vampires. The Film Society has even made a teaser trailer for the film but they are not able to start filming until they have actors. Tyrone stated that he wants to “stay true to the source material” so if you can speak Hungarian or are Hungarian you can email him with the address below. He lastly mentioned that there are technically no set meeting dates or times but if you wish to join you can send him an email at

Remember, the clubs that are mentioned in this article are not the only ones on campus, there are many more. A list of the clubs can be found online at the Bellevue College website, and posters for clubs are on bulletin boards all across campus.