College sports: Good or bad?

GymSports are a great activity in which anybody can participate in. However, isn’t known if college students should play sports because it takes away time to study, finish work and possibly miss class with injuries. Sports have good benefits, but also a few consequences.

Participating in any sport while in class does have its disadvantages. The first problem is that sports  take away time from getting work done. Students playing a sport have to dedicate a lot of time to that sport for practice and events that could be used to get caught up for class. Sports have been notorious for lowering students grades due to no longer having any time to study or do class work. According to a 2000 research study done on stress in college athletes,  almost all college athletes were strained by aspects such as tests and exams, homework and assignments, missing classes due to traveling and making up missed assignment.

Another consequence of playing sports in college is the possibility of injury to miss time from class. Injuries range from concussions to broken ankles to broken arms, which all can make people miss time from class. More class time missed, means more work that needs to be made up and more studying that needs to be done.

However, there are usually many rewards for participating in sports while in college. One benefit being that it keeps students active and be more discipline. BC men’s soccer athlete Yahir Sandoval said that playing soccer in college helps him be more disciplined since he has to train  early in the morning. He added that it also helps him to have an ambitious mind because in order to continuing playing soccer, students has to have a certain GPA to be allowed to join the sporting team. Being active not only increases social skills, but it keeps students fit to stay in shape. Another advantage to sporting is that if you go out for school sports, then you gain more social skills by being on a team. Also, with playing a school sport, there is the chance about getting a scholarship for a larger school. There are other ways for students to play sports other than just for the school.A great example for students to get out and be active is club sports. One of which is the Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Club which gets students together to have fun playing Ultimate Frisbee. Club sports give students chances for leadership in leading the club, or being part of a team, while staying active. Student Parker Sipe who has participated in club sports before said, “I believe that intramurals promote leadership, and allow students to socialize in an effective manner.” Playing club sports in an easier way to get involved with sports.

There are many reason of why or why not to play sports as a student. Playing sports is a great way to stay active while meeting new friends, but it is also a time waster that makes less time for studying and getting caught up on homework. Sports are something that students can participate in, as long as it is in line with finishing schoolwork.