Compact Comics: Neil Gaiman, master of imagination

Neil Gaiman has written numerous modern classics in his career so far, and he isn't done yet. (SOURCE:
Neil Gaiman has written numerous modern classics in his career so far, and he isn't done yet. (SOURCE:

Neil Gaiman is an author famous for his strange imagination and unique way of writing the world in his perspective. He began his career through journalism, pursuing knowledge about the world in hopes that later in life his experiences would assist in getting himself published. His first short story in professional wear was a fantasy named “Featherquest”, put into Imagine Magazine, May 1984. He was just twenty-three years old.

Most importantly, also in 1984, Gaiman happened upon a comic book by Alan Moore. “Swamp Thing”, full of new ideas and an interesting approach in the world of graphic novels, hooked Gaiman, as he told later:

“That was the final straw, what was left of my resistance crumbled. I proceeded to make regular and frequent visits to London’s Forbidden Planet shop to buy comics”.

Once he formed a friendship with Moore, things got even more interesting, and not just for Gaiman. Gaiman’s strange and different way of seeing the world helped him contribute immensely to the literature classics. Stardust”, “American Gods”, “Neverwhere”, and “Coraline,” are only a few examples of his work. His graphic novel projects earned just as much respect within the comic book universe. This is especially true when it comes to the first full graphic novel he worked on, based on an old character by Karen Berger; Sandman, from DC comics.

Recreating the character, “The Sandman” was born, and Gaiman’s career in comic books was stabilized. The Sandman earned several awards, and since then, Gaiman has made numerous contributions to DC and the comic world. While he writes sci-fi fiction, fantasy, horror and adventure, Gaiman is also good writing screenplays for independent television and film productions. In addition, Gaiman is good at blogging (Yes, blogging), his graphic workings, in my opinion, rival every piece he has ever done.