Counseling workshops to help students

One of the many issues that students face at Bellevue College are anxiety and time management, but the counseling center is offering students a free workshop dedicated to managing one’s feelings and time at school. The counseling center, located in the second floor of the B building has set up several workshops intended to help tackle personal issues that a student might be facing.

Throughout fall quarter, the counseling center sponsored workshops dedicated to helping students achieve confidence in the classroom. These workshops are dedicated to student success.

This year, lecture topics include emotional intelligence, test anxiety, willpower and self-motivation, stress management and career decision making. The conferences will be held in the academic center located on the second floor of the D building, in room D204.

Every quarter the counseling center has hosted these workshops. According to Ron Taplin:

“In the past, the number of students who attended these meetings varied based upon the topic being focused on. Looking back on past workshops, the most attended is the test anxiety workshop and this year, it will be lectured on Feb. 12 at 10:30.”

Many students were unaware about these free seminars. For example, according to Marcus Aoyama, “I did not know that the counseling center offered these programs, but I would like to attend.” To Aoyama, “finding time” to attend these workshops was the main issue. On the other hand, Chu Yang, another BC student, stated, “I did know about these workshops and I think it’s great that it is being offered to students. I would definitely attend a workshop that teaches how to manage stress from school.” However, Yang agreed with Aoyama’s sentiment that many students are not aware of these workshops.

According to Taplin, “It is sad that many students are not aware of these workshops. I mean they’re free. When we have students come, they are often a parent, with a job and taking three classes. It’s, in a way, our job to tell you when too much is too much. These are designed to help students succeed.” Nevertheless, students expressed the importance of these workshops. Seth Burwell, a BC student claimed he would go but only if he absolutely needed to. Paulina Hui explained a different reason for not attending one of these workshops. According to Hui, “I wouldn’t attend these workshops because I’m afraid I won’t know anyone.”

Currently, these workshops are freely available to all BC students. Topics will change and be taught by the counselors of the Counseling Center.

More information on these workshops and what time they will be hosted can be found on the Counseling Center’s web page.