Culture Week 2012: The globe within us

As you have noticed, there are many diverse students attending Bellevue College. You have the opportunity to meet a great number of people from around the globe with different life experiences and traditions in between your busy schedule. There are a variety of clubs that take pride showing what their heritage is all about on our campus. On that note you really should know about Culture Week and all the hard work the clubs have put into to making this exciting and educational event possible.

While talking with Gabriela Gonzalez, Director of El Centro Latino, on her thoughts about how Culture Week would impact students, Gonzalez mentioned, “Culture Week is basically to unite as many clubs as we can and celebrate our diversity. We also want to welcome students and show them what we have to offer them at Bellevue College and introduce our different culture clubs.” Gonzalez also noted, with a smile, “Students will come from Culture Week knowing more about who we are and what our purpose is at Bellevue College.”

Another club that is contributing to Culture Week is Black Student Union. Director Shayla Richardson talked about how BSU will contribute towards Culture Week, “We really encourage students to come and see how hard we have worked in this.” BSU will have fabulous ethnic clothing vendors along with a fashion show with refreshments to add to the experience.

Model United Nations is also another contributor to Culture Week. Vice president Ana Palma-Gutierrez said, “We’re going to be presenting Rwanda, Cuba and Guatemala to the best of our ability. We want students to be informed and in the know of various issues these countries are facing. We have worked very hard all summer quarter on this and really want students to get involved and be knowledgeable about what’s going on.”

Although it was difficult to have all clubs collaborate, students can look forward to a vibrant Culture Week. Each club will have a day to show their pride and heritage, illustrating various cultures. With amazing things planned for Culture Week, you really can’t miss this event.

Here is the run down on what’s going to be occurring during Culture Week. Yesterday was the first day of this much-anticipated event and El Centro kicked it off with salsa dancing lessons and rich history in the cafeteria. Today LGBTQ will have a fine interactive presentation, along with Chinese students and Scholar’s Association presenting youth culture at BC. Wednesday, the pace continues with the Indonesian Fellowship Club presenting the batik workshop lucky draw. Thursday will feature BSU and all daughters of Africa, with lively ethnic clothing and an electrifying fashion show. Friday will be Model United Nations Club’s opportunity to show you BC’s window to the world, and the International Student Association will be presenting intercultural jeopardy and games for all! Refreshments will be provided.

Come and experience Culture Week, for a lot of work has been put into an all-week event that will enlighten you more than you could imagine. There’s a globe within us all.