“Fallout 4” confirmed: Nuclear winter has come

For a while all that the website showed were what appeared to be some jumbled letters, a countdown timer and a mysterious Morse code playing on a loop. The first code “KVNGR REV ALPHA PPS VT PIZ UHMYLPVOQ CM XHWMZP NBJB SPI’F BYQS QT D’Y BYFGEOB FI VQDYL MAQ. -NGQHT 5120- Nuclear winter has come.” This was soon deciphered to say “THE INSTITUTE IS SEALED. THEY WON’T HELP US I’M HEADING TO BLACK ROW. -TBNLS 5120.” After this code was deciphered, the Morse code was also deciphered and read “My dear sister. I’m heading to the institute. God knows what happened to this place now. This old bastard will help us. He must help us. -0321.” A second Morse code was released and revealed to be a message from the overseer (the leader of a Vault). t spoke of a “Vault 119” and a mysterious enemy that had attacked it. The next day the Vault-Tec logo was added to the site confirming speculation that this was indeed a Fallout 4 teaser website.

While all of the codes have been deciphered, they are still online for anybody wishing to tackle them on their own. By the time this has been published, the count-down timer on the website will have clocked zero, so go see for yourself what nuclear winter has to offer.