G-Building Construction Continues

The G building on campus is currently undergoing major renovations and the project is slated to be completed by fall of 2019. The project’s purpose is to give the building more team rooms, ADA compliant locker rooms, a gender neutral locker facility, updated HVAC and safety features, as well as a larger fitness center. The G building typically holds all of the health sciences classes, the physical education classes, and is home to the gymnasium which is used by the athletics department for games and practices. It also houses the administrative offices for the athletic departments. During this remodel the fitness center has been moved to A-265 while the gymnasium and administrative offices will continue to be accessible in the G building during renovations.

One of the more exciting benefits of the project is that it will double the square footage of Bellevue College’s fitness center. Currently if you want to use the fitness center at Bellevue College, you need to be enrolled in or audit a class that uses those facilities.

According to Jeremy Eggers, Athletic Director for Bellevue college, this is going to continue to be the case even after the project is completed. He went on to say that currently our fitness center is “bursting at the seams” and that this new capacity will give the college room to accept more students into the health sciences and PE programs. It will allow for the sports teams to use the facilities at any hours rather than having to work around class schedules. He also said that the building’s current design has a lot of wasted dead space and that the new plans will take advantage of that and provide a more streamlined facility.

Many colleges have “open” fitness centers on campus for their students, faculty, and staff to use without being enrolled in a class and they are seen as a major benefit to any college campus. BC does not currently have a plan to open a wellness center or gym for “open” use, so students, faculty, and staff who are not enrolled in or auditing a fitness class will have to continue to go to a privately owned gym around town such as IronWorks, L.A. Fitness, or 24-Hour Fitness