Gabriella Rodriguez: Soccer star

Gabriella “Gabby” Rodriguez started to play soccer at the age of nine and continues to play it today. Rodriguez has been playing sports since the age of four. She started off training as a gymnast and later on moved on to play for a soccer club. Soccer, according to Rodriguez, is a good contact sport even though it is very competitive. Rodriguez’s jersey number is 12 and she is currently one of the captains’ of the Bellevue College women’s soccer team along with two other students.

Even though some would say that soccer is more of a men’s sport, Rodriguez and her teammates have proven that women are capable and as good as men in the soccer field. Rodriguez’s favorite male soccer player is Lionel Messi of Argentina who is currently playing for FC Barcelona. Her favorite female soccer player is Alex Morgan of the Seattle Sounders Women who won first place at this year’s Olympic games.

“Soccer has always been a part of my family, my dad and grandfather used to play soccer. My grandfather was a professional soccer player back in Honduras,” said Rodriguez. Rodriguez’s dad was a semi-professional soccer player who played for El Farolito Soccer Club in San Francisco, California.

During her middle school years, Rodriguez tried out for basketball. However, her passion for soccer exceeded what she had for basketball. After graduating from middle school, Rodriguez continued to play during her high school years as well. Throughout her high school years, Rodriguez often trained with her dad.

Rodriguez graduated from Nathan Hale high school in early 2011 and started going to Bellevue College that fall when she started her first soccer season as well. Rodriguez is planning to transfer to a four-year university and hopes to continue to play soccer.

Being a communication major, Rodriguez hopes to become a social worker in the future. Her hobbies include travelling, cooking, watching movies and playing soccer. According to Rodriguez, during the soccer season, training is held every weekday. On the other hand, during the off-season, training is optional. Rodriguez sometimes trains with her dad during summer.

Grace Hamilton, one of Rodriguez’s closest friends and co-captains said that Rodriguez is a very wonderful person who is very talented and inspirational. “She’s inspirational because she’s a good player, also because of her competitiveness. Friendship wise, she’s inspirational because she’s confident and loyal.”

Both Hamilton and Rodriguez have been playing for BC since Fall 2011. “I know that she’s someone I want to hang around with when I first talked to her,” added Hamilton.

Rodriguez and her team train from 4:15 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day except Saturday and Sunday.

“It’s a very competitive welcoming atmosphere. I’ve met a lot of great people, staffs that are serving for great purposes. I’m glad that I chose to come here, said Rodriguez.”