Game review: Phoenix Wright

The Ace Attorney series has finally released its first game for the Nintendo 3DS system in the form of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies. The Ace Attorney series has been around since 2001, where it was exclusively in Japan under the name of “Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Gyakuten.” Phoenix Wright is a court simulation game where you take on seemingly impossible cases in hopes of finding the truth and bringing justice to your clients. Each case you encounter is always more than meets the eye. The series is known for having an impeccable storyline and an even better soundtrack, among other things. Dual Destinies is the 8th game in the “Ace Attorney” series (7th in America) that includes a few spin-offs and a crossover.

Dual Destinies follows the journey of the Wright Anything Agency as legendary lawyer Phoenix Wright, budding attorney Apollo Justice and fresh rookie Athena Cykes solve cases that are mostly sprung upon them at random times. All the cases relate to the big main story in some way, while also having unique storylines. In each case, you are forced to find the truth behind every scenario and even investigate the scene of the crime in some of the episodes. Some episodes are better than others. Episode two, to me, is the weakest case, while the final case, of course, is the strongest.

The game has two main strengths. The first is its story. When I first went through it, I had a hard time putting it down. Every second of the game presents new information that can completely change how the player views the case. Every case also connects in a way that, by the end, you feel like you have completed a journey with all of it having true meaning.

The other main strength of this game is the soundtrack. The Ace Attorney series has historically had amazing soundtracks, and this game follows suit remarkably. Each song in the game is played at the right time for maximum effect yet can still sound great individually on their own.

While the gameplay is not that strong, Dual Destinies is still an amazing game. The story will have anybody hooked. However, I recommend playing the previous games first so you can get some of the references and learn the backstories of some of the characters. Regardless, the improved graphics and gameplay make this an amazing title.