Hillary for America

On April 12, virtually every social media outlet was blasted with the same news. Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first democrat to enter the presidential race.

Clinton launched her campaign with a video showing Americans from all different walks of life, Hispanic, African American, gay. You name them, she had them on her campaign video.
As a female, Hispanic and a liberal, I will support Clinton. The fact is that Clinton is a strong, intelligent candidate for presidency who has had many years of experience in politics.

Many say that putting Clinton in office will be like a third term for President Obama, but what exactly is so bad about that?

The month President Obama took office the “Great Recession” caused by Republican President Bush, was costing our economy over 800,000 jobs per month.
Before Obama’s first year in office was over the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act not only created 2.1 million jobs but also supported them.

Obama gave benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees and expanded funding for the Violence Against Women act, among many other admirable feats.

So if putting Clinton in office is going to mean expanding on the positive future that Obama has created for our country, then I see no problem with that whatsoever.
So far, Clinton is the first Democrat candidate for presidency.

On the Republican side we have U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas, U.S. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio from Florida.
Ted Cruz is trying to repeal ObamaCare to save Americans money when filing taxes.

Obamacarefacts.com states that 11.7 million people were estimated to have enrolled in ObamaCare during the 2015 open enrollment and that it costs less than 5,000 dollars per enrollee.
ObamaCare quite obviously works; Senator Cruz is only interested in saving money for those already on top of the economic totem pole.

When visiting Senator Rand Paul’s website, it seems his entire campaign focuses on bashing Clinton. Paul calls Clinton “the worst of the Washington machine” and declares once again that by voting for Clinton, America would be taking a step backwards.

He speaks about balancing our budget as a country by cutting spending in all areas but does not elaborate on where it is he plans to cut the budgets, but it’s more than likely on ObamaCare.
Last, but not least, is Senator Rubio. I had high hopes for Rubio, being a native of Florida as well as Hispanic, I was looking forward to hearing his views on many key points including healthcare, abortion laws and the Violence Against Women act, but once again another Republican candidate struck out.

Rubio, like his running mate Rand Paul, believes that repealing ObamaCare will magically eliminate the 18 trillion dollar debt that the United States is sinking in.

Rubio would also like to overturn Roe v. Wade, the constitutional right that women should have access to medically safe and legal abortion and on top of everything Rubio also opposed the Violence Against Women act.

On one end, America has candidates who want to rid the United States of ObamaCare and repeal legal abortion.

Then there is Hillary Clinton, who instead of trying to make the rich richer, is attempting to give those a little lower on the economic ladder a helping hand. Clinton is opening doors of equality for gay and lesbian couples and striving to give equal pay to women.

In short, Clinton is taking all the hard work Obama has put into this nation and giving it a fresh and optimistic set of eyes and moving forward.
Any vote not for Clinton is a step backward for our country. Hillary for America.