Jeremy Piven has the goods

In anticipation for “The Goods: The Don Ready Story” , The films Star, Jeremy Piven participated in a college press conference, where I got to ask him a few questions about the film.

Katie Drahos How are you?

Jeremy Piven: Good, how are you?

Katie Drahos: I’m doing all right.. The movie is of course a comedy, but to what extent would you say that it’s a social commentary? And does America need people more like Don Ready to revive the economy?

Jeremy Piven: Excellent question. I think that it is kind of a sign of the times, a renegade group of slashers, you know, car salesmen that slash prices, and help move cars off the lot. Something that’s kind of needed in this economy, indeed, and that’s kind of where our story begins.

And we do, you know need characters like Don Ready out there, but also he’s a guy who starts off as someone who has been on the road his entire life and has been – hasn’t even thought about settling down and is finally getting to the point where he realizes he needs to evolve in some way.

And you’ve got a character like that and the madness swirls around him and you don’t let the comedy down for a second. But it also gets to be a comment on guys who would be perceived as a pig.

Katie Drahos: Mm-hm.

Jeremy Piven: You know, a guy who’s a dog, running around with different women. And you realize is, you know, he’s got to stop being a road dog.

Katie Drahos: Yeah. And can I ask a quick follow up?

Jeremy Piven: Sure.

Katie Drahos: our college has an advanced filmmaking and drama course. Do you have any advice for any of the students planning on getting into the business?

Jeremy Piven: Yeah, I think now it’s all about original content. So if you can go and get a piece of property and make it your own or write your own, your original ideas. And if you’re an actor just keep working as hard as you can. Get on every and any film or short film or stage that you can get on and log the hours because it’s all so incredibly valuable.

You’ve got to get to the point where it’s kind of second nature to you. And that’s when you start kind of growing as an artist.

San Diego State:All right, Jeremy. Thanks for taking some time with us and being patient. So my question is what do you think it does for a comedy, like The Goods, the incorporate actors known for drama like Ving Rhames and James Brolin alongside some guys who are known for their comedy chops?

Jeremy Piven: Well, I think the root of comedy without sounding pretentious, is sincerity. So when you get guys like that that are so good, they lend this authenticity to the scene, and it feels so really that it allows you to get really big or goofy or whatever because you root it in sincerity.

So they only make you better having these great actors in your movie. And you know it’s always been a recipe if you look at any of the funny movies. You’ve got you know real good, solid dramatic actors mixed in with all the kooks.

San Diego State:Yeah.

Jeremy Piven: So I think it served us really well. I was looking up – I did actually this movie for HBO, this movie called Don King, Only in America, with Ving where he played Don King and won a Golden Globe when I played opposite of him and he’s a very brilliant actor. And he’s so funny in this.

There’s a great quote about comedy and the way – the quote is, “The way to play comedy is you play it a little more serious than the serious stuff.”

San Diego State: Mm-hm.

jeremy Piven: And so I think these actors are brilliant comedians because they understand how to take that serious moment and make it even deeper and more weird.