Kelsey Maher, the actor behind the act

By Race Dillon.
Kelsey Maher has just started her acting career at BCC, having acted in only a couple of of shows. So far, she’s proven herself adequate. What is your full name? My name is Kelsey Marie Maher. How old are you? I am 18. Where are you from? I am from Renton, Washington. An “exciting place.” When did you first become interested in acting? I would have to say my very first interest in acting came when I was in my sophomore year at high school. I had just come to a new school and decided to take my first drama class. At first I was intimidated by everyone in there with all their enthusiasm, but eventually they embraced me. What plays have you been in? I have been in “Our Town,” “Seven Minutes to Midnight,” and “Love and Death in the Time of Cholera.” I also did “Directions,” a ten minute play festival at BCC. Do you have any upcoming roles? I’m playing Marion the librarian in “The Music Man,” and I’m going to be Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet.” You’re rehearsing for two roles at once? When time provides, that’s my life; reading scripts and memorizing lines. Are you doing anything else besides theater? I’m working with my friend Eric right now. Were starting “Crayon Munching Productions.” We’re going to get our own Youtube channel. Who or what inspires you? There is a plethora of people that inspire me but I would have to say the first person who inspired me was my high school drama teacher, Mr. Montague. He started teaching me in my junior year in high school. He definitely pushed me past my limits. I used to be extremely shy and he sort of got me out of my box. When you get into acting you have to let the shyness go. How do you prepare yourself for a role? I start reading up on the character, and start memorizing the lines. For “Music Man” I’m actually taking a separate class about the time it’s set in [1912] and what was going on back then. Do you try and disconnect yourself from your character or do you draw from your own experiences? In acting to get my emotions up, I picture how I would feel in that situation. In a way I draw from my own experiences, because I also try to remember times in my life when I was going through something similar. I draw from movies and other theater too. What do you love about acting? I love the feeling you get when you’re on stage; you get this “free as a bird” type feeling. I love being different people. It’s fun doing something I have never done before. Basically I love changing into different characters. Any last words? Everyone should come see “The Music Man,” which opens March fifth and runs till the seventh, and come see “Romeo and Juliet” which opens in April.