Madden 15 honors LOB



Every year, EA releases a new installment in the Madden series. In every year there is a new athlete that is honored by being immortalized in the cover of the game. For the new game Madden 15, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman won the ESPN fan cover vote to be the player on the cover of the new Madden title. While he was honored to receive the award, he wanted to make sure that his teammates were also honored in Madden 15. The “Legion of Boom” will be honored by Madden by having them on the title screen.

Richard Sherman is the top cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, and has been for a couple years. His ability quickly caught the attention of the National Football League and it’s fans. Even though he has not been in the league more than five years, he is being compared with other big names such as Patriots cornerback Darrell Revis and Browns cornerback Joe Haden for the title of “best corner in the game”. Sherman knows that he was only as good as the rest of his secondary. While he was elected as the player to be on the cover of Madden, he started an online petition to get the rest of the “Legion of Boom” on the cover along with him. While he was unsuccessful in getting all of them onto the cover, he was successful in convincing EA to at least honor the group of legendary defenders. The Madden 15 title screen will show the whole “Legion of Boom” including Strong Safety Kam Chancellor, Free Safety Earl Thomas, cornerback Byron Maxwell and Richard Sherman himself. This will be the first time in Madden history where there will be more than one player on the title screen of the game.

Earl Thomas is regarded by many as the top free safety in the league. In the 2013-2014 season he was selected as the runner-up to defensive player of the year, only losing to linebacker Luke Kuechly of the Carolina Panthers. Kam Chancellor is known as one of the hardest hitting safeties in the NFL. One of his biggest moments he is known for is his massive hit against San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis in the December 23, 2012 game. Byron Maxwell replaced former “LOB” member Brandon Browner. Although Maxwell is not with the Seahawks anymore, he made his name known with the Seahawks as he showed exemplary defensive play in replacement of Browner.

Madden 15 will not only honor Richard Sherman but will also honor the entire “Legion of Boom”. While Sherman will be the only player on the cover of Madden 15, the whole secondary will be on the title screen of the game coming out August 26 2014.