Mark Wilson: BCC Music Man

An interview with the man who brings music to BCC

By Morgan Hodder.
Mark Wilson is a memeber of Bellevue Community College’s music faculty. This quarter he taught 16 credits while balancing his career as a classical and jazz guitarist. Wilson talks about the beginning of making music a career, Bellevue’s music scene and his future performances.How long have you worked at BCC? I’ve been here since 2004. Where did you go to school? I got my masters at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. It’s a really different school; it’s named after George Eastman, who’s the founder of Kodak film and invented the Polaroid process, or something like that. Its rival is Julliard, and that was the other school I was thinking about going to, but Eastman sounded a lot more rounded than Julliard, which really focuses on making you a better performer.