Multicultural Winter Gathering Coming Up Feb.16th

With more than 1,300 international students and numerous clubs supporting many cultures, BC has an exceptionally diverse campus. The Multicultural Services (MCS), which is geared toward student achievement, is hosting its annual winter gathering this upcoming Thursday, Feb. 16 from 11:30 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. in rooms C130 A and B.

Students, staff, faculty and administrators are all invited for free food and the opportunity to interact with those who you may typically not converse with. In a classroom environment, getting to know your professor can seem practically impossible. Even an office appointment can feel intimidating and somewhat awkward. This event will offer a relaxed environment and encourage everyone to simply enjoy their community. Feel free to talk with a professor about issues affecting academics or simply anything in this nonacademic environment.

Objectives of this event are to highlight how diverse we are as a school and display how outstanding our community is and can become. On the agenda, MCS will share their goals for 2012 as well as educate students about how to become more involved with this awesome resource.

In case you were not aware, this is Black History Month, which honors both people and events during the African Diaspora. Be sure to watch the films and participate in the events planned for this week. Today, Feb. 14, from 11:30-12:30, the film “Race the Power of an Illusion” will be playing in room D106. On Thursday, Feb. 16, the film “What Would You Do” will be shown in D106 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Check out the Black Student Union (BSU) dance on Friday, Feb. 17, from 12:30-4:00 in C130 A and B.

Another upcoming event is the 22nd Annual Student of Color Conference. From April 19-21, students will be traveling to Yakima to participate in an exciting experience about leadership, diversity, and academic success. To apply, there are a few requirements, one of which is to attend one of the mandatory pre-departure orientations on either Tuesday, March 6 from 11:30-12:20 or Wednesday, March 7 from 3:30-4:20. You will also need to write a brief essay about your leadership and multicultural involvement on campus.

Believe it or not, MCS offers students, faculty, and staff a vast array of support, one of the most popular ones being its tutoring in Math and English. While the Academic Success Center in the D-building is an excellent place to receive tutoring, it can often have long waits or lack one-on-one time. MCS provides tutors throughout the week (you’ll have to visit the front desk for an updated schedule).

If you would rather be the one tutoring, you can become a volunteer or even get paid! If interested, you will need to obtain a tutor certificate from the D-building. Additional details and forms may be found at MCS.

In addition to its free tutoring, advising is also provided. You can set up an appointment with one of the advisors and learn more about how to succeed in classes, varying financial aid, scheduling classes, communication with teachers, transportation, housing, and more. Advisors will also assist you with any non-academic predicaments you may have.

“The ‘my home is your home’ concept is important,” says the Retention Specialist, Henry Amaya, “Multicultural Services has an open door policy.”

MCS is on the second floor of the B-building right above the bookstore. Feel free to call the front desk at 425-564-2208 or e-mail Our school provides these services for free, so learn more about how MCS can help.