My Favorite Things… BCC Jobs

By Brittany Butterfield.
Whether food services, communication, or technical jobs are what you are looking for, BCC offers multiple choices for students looking for a job on campus to gain experience, and make some extra cash.
BCC has a wide variety of jobs to help students gain perspective on material they can use in future careers.
Some of the many job opportunities available on campus include being a bookstore attendant, media attendant, cafeteria aid, espresso stand attendant, or working in the tutoring labs, computer labs, or at one of the many desks answering questions and phone calls. Many more places on campus are looking for helping hands in other aspects as well. The jobs on campus are so widely based that students can rotate from job to job and learn the different variety of skills used for each area, or they can choose to stay with the one job their entire time at BCC if they wish to work more than just one quarter.
Most of these jobs are sought out by international students that are not able to work off-campus, although, these jobs are also taken by regular students just trying to gain a couple of bucks throughout the school year and take advantage of the flexible work schedules. Students who participate in a work study, or take part in a state or financial aid programs, are also popular campus job-seekers. Regardless of who applies, rest assured that the hiring process is fair. “The job openings go to “first come first serve,” we do not chose by who is an international student and then go to who else applies,” said Joann Gordius, assistant director and head of the food service hiring. The jobs are for anyone looking for this opportunity. Not all the jobs on campus are just for students; some of the harder-to-fill positions are covered by part-time non-students.
There are a variety of reasons that make on-campus employment attractive, including the flexible schedules, and the ability to work right next to their classes. “It is great that everybody is so nice and generous, and they are able to fit your class schedule into the shifts available for each job,” said Megan Kessler, a Running Start student working at the bookstore. She plans to work at the bookstore until she is able to transfer to a university. On the other end of the spectrum, Will Chueh would like to explore the other job opportunities and vary his routine throughout his time on campus.
The majority of the jobs on campus don’t require previous experience in each work area. “Being able to work on campus allows for students to grow and learn these career basics,” said Xinhang Hu, front office library supervisor. The lenient experience requirements open the door for most Running Start students, or students that are too busy to work a full-time job outside of campus. Furthermore, students that are already working in a position at a location on campus get first choice in the next coming quarter. “We only hire positions to cover openings from students that leave here. We don’t kick anybody out,” said Gordius.