Nay Trump

Who is Donald Trump? Expert in pomposity, hater of immigrants and lover of controversy? Few will not  concede that he fits all three. Many people debate whether he’s actually running for President, or simply soaking in all the publicity.

“Chump” Trump doesn’t deserve votes. He’s a staunch opponent to immigration, reputed for making lewd and inappropriate jokes about women and known for saying that he “simply doesn’t have time for political correctness.” Trump is an attention-loving billionaire determined to build his name, whatever it stands for.

It’s difficult not to be harsh on Trump. He’s worth over $4 billion, which makes him a frighteningly viable candidate for political office, if one believes in the idea that elections can be bought.
Money certainly helps with swing states, and swing states are the ones that can help “swing” an election in either direction. Attack ads being poured into a state can easily sway the average voter either way.

Thus, Trump is currently positioned as a likely candidate for the most prestigious, powerful and responsible position in federal government: the presidency.
Why would someone want to vote for Trump, anyway?

He has complete disregard for chivalrous campaign behavior, such as being respectful to one’s opponents, for instance he said: “Hillary Clinton was the worst Secretary of State in the history of the United States. There’s never been a Secretary of State so bad as Hillary. The world blew up around us. There wasn’t one good thing that came out of that administration or her being Secretary of State.”

His comments are as bold as they are tasteless. He lacks the refined, measured and responsible choice of words that someone deserving of the White House must have. Becoming President is a slow, methodical and calculated process. It is not something one rushes into and throws money at in the hopes of obtaining. No, in every respect, Trump is not the right man to vote for.

Take for example his stance on immigration. Right on his website, he flaunts the one example of a Mexican immigrant murdering a senior in America. He has cherry picked his evidence, a fallacious line of reasoning in which one chooses the evidence that supports one’s point of view without regarding contrasting evidence.

Another interesting point is that he has had a number of illegal immigrants in his employment, showing the egregious contradiction running thick through his organizations.

It also indicates that immigrants are hard-working, tolerant people. They just want to start a new life for themselves. My parents are both immigrants to this great nation, and they scaled the economic ladder and various echelons of society to great effect.

They have been productive members of society for years, and have produced value for society in the range of millions of dollars. In fact, immigrants are what makes this nation strong; they are the backbone of U.S., having founded it in the first place.

Trump should get to know his history before he starts criticizing immigrants. He should also be far more welcoming of people that work in his own companies. Instead of voting for someone like Trump, try looking at the other legitimate candidates and see if one catches one’s fancy.

Rand Paul, though trailing poorly in the polls, holds a number of semi-respectable positions on the role that the State should play in people’s lives. He does not advocate the deportation of illegal immigrants, except for criminals. He’s also against mandatory minimum sentencing, which is disproportionately affecting African Americans, with over 3 million people incarcerated due to minor drug offenses.

He’s a somewhat more moderate Republican than Trump or the others. If one needs to vote with one’s conscience, vote for Hillary or Rand Paul, but certainly don’t just vote for Trump because he’s an entertaining man to watch on television. Take voting seriously. Affect real change in the nation at a grassroots level, vote today.