New ITS service management tool

Bradley Smith / The Watchdog

Information Technology Services launched a new service management tool on Monday, Jan. 30. The software tool is called TeamDynamix and will eventually replace the previous tool, Request Center. “TeamDynamix is an IT Service Management Solution Company based out of Ohio,” said Jason Aqui, director of technical support and service. BC is using three web applications from TeamDynamix: TDClient, TDNext, and TDAdmin.

TDClient is a portal based on self-support, while TDAdmin is a portal that deals with configuration and user management. TDNext is a technician portal that helps with request tracking, prioritization and collaboration.
“Specifically for students we are giving them an integrated way to submit tickets and get access to self-support knowledge articles,” said Aqui. Aqui explained that TDX will “give them the information to help themselves on common technology questions. This also gives students an open line of communication on their issues as they can now use email to chat with the person working on their problem.”

According to the Bellevue College website, with TDX ITS can establish service levels and ticket priorities, as well as improve customer service. Students and faculty will be able to submit and track tickets on any device to allow easier self-service.

“The process for implementing TeamDynamix started over two years ago when we enlisted the help of one of our student employees who wanted to do a solutions analysis for his class,” said Aqui. The student compared the features in Request Center to other ITSM tools. “From there we knew we needed to seek funding to invest in a solution and it would prove too costly to re-engineer Request Center.”

ITS reached out and received assistance from a technology consulting company, InfoTech, and determined what BC needed for service management. Other ITSM companies were looked at, but TDX was eventually chosen because the company’s “largest business section of costumers was from Higher Education,” said Aqui. These include Central Washington University, Virginia Tech University, University of Wyoming, and University of Colorado. TDX “delivered on accessibility above and beyond other solutions,” explained Aqui. A professional services consultant partnered with an ITS project team and together they implemented TDX. In addition to TDX itself, five knowledge articles were made to help the BC community use the tool. There is also an FAQ and terminology list.

TDX will be released in phases during 2017, to help BC students and faculty adjust to the change. Phase one will be the introduction to TDX, where students will still use Request Center to create a technology ticket. They will then be directed to a TDX landing page to continue to process. Three other options under “Request Center icon HP Administrative System” will also function this way. The phase will essentially focus on technology service requests. Knowledge articles from the knowledge base module will be used as well.

“The subsequent phases will be implemented at a cadence of every 60 days or so, again depending on how the organization adapts to and embraces the new system,” said Aqui. More information on TDX, such as the knowledge articles are linked on the FYI Bulletin on the Bellevue College website. Updates will be featured on the ITS Service Information Blog which can be found on the BC website under TDX.