New screens for Student Programs

“What is students’ tuition being used for?” is a question many students have asked during their time at Bellevue College. Though tuition has been spent on a variety of technologies to benefit the student body, most recently the money was spent on new televisions in Student Programs.

While they may look normal, these televisions are more than just the average set that sits in a family’s living room. The televisions, also known as smart boards, are plasma displays that function like computers, projectors, projector screens and standard televisions all in one device. The smart boards also have Bluetooth technology that enables any device with Bluetooth to connect to the television and download information accordingly. The televisions are able to connect to the Internet and have gesture-controlled displays that allow one to change the television merely by moving one’s hands in the air.

The main motivation to buy these televisions was rooted in student programs’ philosophy of giving students the best opportunities and technology possible and reducing the disparity between the haves and the have-nots in the school. The decision to buy the televisions was unanimous and encountered no opposition throughout Student Programs.

The smart boards permit students to access multiple forms of information very quickly and have been successful in alleviating various problems. They have allowed members of different clubs to screen documentaries and videos, which in turn gives clubs a better understanding of the context of their club and push them to keep fighting for their respective causes. They are also helpful in looking up websites and documents, preventing the prevalent situation of members huddling around one small computer screen. Furthermore, student programs is the home of cultural programs, which inherently involves interacting with different forms of media. Through the televisions, El Centro Latino can play Latino music and LGBTQ can screen controversial documentaries.

Not only do the televisions increase student freedom and flexibility and promote a sense of community, they are also a cost effective solution. Previously, student programs had several devices, some for entertainment, others for educational purposes, and a mélange of projectors, screens and wires. Buying and managing so many devices is both costly and time consuming, making it clear that these televisions are the best option.

The value of any device is measured in how much it is used. Although these televisions are clearly revolutionary, very few students are aware of their presence, thus their full value is not being utilized. This is not only a waste of televisions, but also a waste of student money. In order for students to enjoy the college experience and get complete value for their money spent on tuition, they should participate in Student Programs and play with the new television toys, which are free to be used by all BC students. Students are encouraged to stop by at Student Programs and take a few minutes to admire this new technology.

Students of BC and their tution has gone towards the  funding for the televisons in Student Programs, and is supposed to be benefical for students as a way of expericing  a new kind of way of using technology and meeting others within the Program union. After a long day of studying and going from class to class, perhaps taking  break and watching some t.v here on BC campus isn’t such a bad idea after all.