Oh! India

The name “Oh! India” was initially meaningless to me. Facing the Sports Authority on the northern side of Crossroads, I passed this little restaurant innumerable times, not once stopping to consider what may have been waiting inside. One day, a friend of mine ventured within. Her comment later was that she “got it,” — the name and its exclamation point are well deserved. In speaking “Oh! India” aloud, one best expresses the emotions of satisfied tastebuds and, perhaps later, the anguish of a stuffed belly.
Though moderately expensive, it’s $13 for a wonderful buffet. It contains salad, a variety of chutneys (including tamarind, coconut, mango and mint), a selection of curries and rice and plenty of vegetarian options. I imagine that failing to find at least one dish note worthy of filling oneself to bursting with is a difficult task here. If in a hurry, it is also possible to get takeout, which is a large box that can be filled with anything from the buffet, along with a separate container for sauces and a sizable slab of fresh naan bread. This all can be had for $10.
Amongst some 30 or so delicious items, there are many for those on special diets, including gluten- free and dairy-free. Merely ask for directions, and the employees will be happy to assist. However, for those with no restrictions, I encourage trying everything. I especially enjoy the butter chicken, which satisfies my spoiled tastebuds like nothing else. Consider saving some room for dessert: rice kheer and gulab jamun are included with the buffet.
Crossroads is a diverse mall with a constant rotation of businesses. In recent years, an art dealership has been replaced by a comic book store, and many restaurants in the food court have come and gone. Changes in the mall itself are felt by neighbors across 156th Avenue as well. India King, which was near Ivar’s, has recently closed its doors. While once India King seemed to be an adequate purveyor of curry and naan, poor service and occasional stale food saw to it that I felt little anguish when it was replaced by Oh! India. As I opened the door and breathed in that first breath of spices, my stomach had already begun expanding.