President Trump?

Among his many accolades, he is also a Super Saiyen
Among his many accolades, he is also a Super Saiyen

Could Donald Trump be running for president? His appearance at the CPAC conference in Washington seems to have stirred quite a few American voters. Could the business tycoon, reality TV star, and hair style innovator be thinking of running with the GOP?


But will he? Donald Trump is a truly complex person. I will keep the hair jokes to a minimum but seriously, Richard Nixon looks absolutely gorgeous compared to this guy. Donald Trump is also fairly liberal or at least, very moderate. Mr. Trump is entitled to his political opinion but he has not made his political point a major part of his public image. So why is he interested in becoming president now?

I have been saying his for the last year: Our next president cannot be a lawyer; he or she needs to be a businessman or an economist. Our next president needs to be someone who knows how the economy works. We cannot have another serial taxer or a big spender. The reason is because the people who are capable of running the country are making a lot more money making corporations successful.

But the thing about Trump is, he has not been too successful as of late. Perhaps one or two too many of his business ventures failed for us to consider him a successful businessman.

I will be willing to give Mr. Trump, however, the benefit of the doubt. The man oozes charisma. I do not mean he is another Barak Obama, but he has a certain aura to him that makes you think you can trust his ideas even if you cannot trust him personally. We refer to his businesses as the Trump Empire. Is that not enough to assume that he has some legit ability to lead?

But what is his business exactly? He tried venturing into the NFL and failed. The most the American people know him as is someone who is always on the tabloids.

Uh oh, I smell celebrity in disguise.

The Donald is the proud owner of many of the world’s finest resort casinos. He is also a top of the line realtor; dealing in only big contracts that involve constructing objects at least forty stories high. His venture into the public eye just might be a pastime for him. After all, even if NFL fans are pissed at him, who cares? Screw the rules, he has money.

And money he will have if he decides to personally fund his presidential run. At first, this might look like a bad idea seeing as how he can literally spend all his wealth. But his edge in this seemingly stupid tactic is that he does not need to waste time to raise funds. Trump would have the advantage in speed; that’s what she said.

Trump would also have the backing of corporate America. If he did need funds, they would readily have billions of dollars ready for him to spend. Would corporations rather back one of their own or another slippery politician? I think you know the answer.

So will we be seeing Trump campaign ads in 2012? Perhaps he is merely riding the celebrity wave Barak Obama created. Remember back in 2008, the typical Barak Obama rally usually went like so: Destiny’s Child reunites one time to open the show, followed by words from Oprah, followed by an intermission performance by Young Jeezy, followed by a performance by Lyfe Jennings, followed by a reading from Maya Angelou, followed by a dance routine by a Brown University dance squad, followed by some words by Michelle Obama, who then introduces Barak who speaks for three minutes, and closes with a performance by Mike Jones, the Ying Yang Twins, and Ashanti. Could Trump be bringing another election based on glitz and glam? His pockets seem to be nodding.