Pro skater hosts BCC tournament

Go big or go home. Catch air or bail out. Try an ollie or grind the half-pipe. These known skateboarding terms are riding their way to the College campus. Over Memorial Day weekend, many skateboarders in the area will be meeting in the center of campus. The area outside of the C building near the fountain will be transformed into a skateboarder’s dream.

Rob Dyrdek is hosting an amateurs’ skateboarding tournament. Dyrdek has agreed to come to our campus to sign autographs, take pictures, and
stunt on the ramps alongside the competitors. Around the skate park area, the ASG will be hosting a barbeque and raffles for prizes such as DC footwear, a signed skateboard from Dyrdek, $1,500 and some of Dyrdek’s own personal prizes.

Anyone can sign up and participate in the competition or just come and watch the gnarly tricks and enjoy the barbeque with Dyrdek. “We are really hoping that with Dyrdek on campus we will be able to really bring the school and community together to kick off a new outlook on school
spirit and activities,” said Jordan Cox, one of the skateboarding volunteers. The skate-off will start at 9:00 am and go until 1:00 pm while the stunting and barbeque will be held until 6:00 pm. To enter the competition contact the Stephanie Duntler, the event coordinator. There is a $25
application fee for stunting or $15 coverage for just riding the ramps during the three day competition. “The prices seem fitting since our first go around on the idea had the competition at $50 to enter and $30 to enjoy the park. We are just really excited to see the turn out and how much money we can raise for BCC,” said Duntler.

The money gathered will go to the school for more clubs and sporting activities on campus.“The school is always looking  for ways to raise as much money as possible for events, clubs, and activities; this one seems like it may really come through more than we anticipated,” said Tiffany
Gail, a BCC student organizing the raffles.

The construction of the ramps will start May 15 and will be finished for the first day of the competition on Friday, May 22. The ramps will be spread out from the end of the A building to the circle in front of the R building.Alongside the ramps will be pipes, benches, pools, and coaches standing by to help out any new tricks a performer may want to try. “In school, instructors want to encourage teens to come together and learn together, using the best of both abilities and strategies. In activities and stunting we coaches want the same: to learn from those around us to improve our abilities to their highest goals,” said Andy Jameson, one of Dydrek’s skate mentors.