Romp And Roll

Riley Hartwell / FEATURES EDITOR
Riley Hartwell / FEATURES EDITOR

“Romp” is defined by the oh-so-reliable as playing or frolicking boisterously or in a rapid or easy manner. This seems like a fitting definition for what you would do whenever you rock the latest summer trend: the romper.

What could be more fun than wearing a cute like-onesie that takes you back to your youth when you wore overalls and frolicked boisterously in the park?

The romper has gradually made its way back onto the fashion scene since its debut in the ‘90s and is seen on all the hottest starlets and fashionistas. Rompers come in all styles and patterns from floral to striped to halter to strapless.

For me the romper is what defines summer clothing. It’s a fun, comfortable outfit that is easy to throw on and take from day to night. By adding a leather jacket, accessories and heels you can change your cute day at Pike Place or walk around Lake Washington to Trinity night club or a bar.

You can literally wear rompers anywhere: to a baby shower, to a casual beach wedding (if dressed up enough), to school or on a date. Everything about the romper is flirty and fun and looks good on just about everyone. However, when I say they look good on “just about” everyone, I mean that they are not always very forgiving in the mid section and back area.

I’m sorry, but for those us girls who have a little junk in the trunk the romper doesn’t always accentuate or de-accentuate for us in the best way. However, thanks to the ever-growing popularity of this garment, there is a multitude of new styles and fashions out now that offer the right styles for different body types.

Thank god they thought of us normal non-model, short, legs-for-seconds-rather-than-days girls, right?

If you are pear-shaped or have an hourglass figure, try a romper that is looser on the bottom and even try belting it for a more cinched in look. There is a style for everyone that accentuates the right areas and forgives the problem ones.

Not only is the romper cute and fun to wear, but there is also a sense of functionality to them. No longer do we have to consciously keep our legs crossed in our summer dresses and sit uncomfortably on picnics, at the beach, or anywhere else that requires you to sit on the ground. The shirt-attached-to-shorts combo is the perfect invention for summer comfort while still maintaining a sense of style and keeping up with the trends.

Rompers are sold everywhere, so it’s really not too hard to find the perfect one for you. If you are a true shopper at all, you should have seen Target’s low-cost rompers as well as the ones at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, etc. Needless to say, rompers are youthful ensembles that women in their teens to early 30s can rock, so wear them while you can.

Who doesn’t want to wear something that encourages boisterous frolicking in the summer? It’s the only time to do it and the best time to wear a romper.