Say goodbye to Darth Vader, here comes Mickey Mouse!

Last week, Disney bought LucasFilm, the studio that produced “Star Wars” for $4.05 billion. From Disney classics such as “Snow White” and “Bambi” to “Hannah Montana,” Disney has made quite the impact on American culture since the 1950’s. Between Walt Disney’s international theme parks (Disneyworld) to even making Marvel comics into movies, it seems that the Walt Disney Co. basically rules and has bought the universe with their never-ending pocket change.

I guess George Lucas has given up on R2D2 as of Oct. 31 when he signed his life away for a “small” fortune from Mickey Mouse and the crew. Although die-hard Chewbacca fans are outraged by this phenomenon, rumors have swirled that Disney isn’t going to ruin any of Lucas’ masterpieces. “Star Wars” first came out in the 1970’s and Lucas wrote all the storylines before Disney could cookie-cut them into “family friendly” heart warming classics.

Fear not Star fans, though it may seem that Lucas turned his back on his own creations, the next Star Wars film, due summer of 2015, will be no Cinderella story.

Although the Walt Disney Co. built its reputation on its ubiquitous “squeaky-clean” family entertainment, its name today has transformed.

Disney as we all know, of course, started as an animation studio in 1923 with classic characters such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse, which shortly after, Disney characters bloomed in to Donald Duck, Mickey’s girlfriend, Minnie and his trust-worthy pooch, Pluto. Then over the years, the princesses stormed in with Snow White’s seven dwarfs, Ariel’s fork and Pocahontas’s compass. Since the 2000’s however, the company ventured into live action movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The sanity of the reputation of Star Wars is uncertain. The only thing worse than watching endless hours of Disney’s television broadcasting show, Playhouse Disney, is seeing Yoda linked arms with Alice wandering around Disneyland.