Student Art Showcase: Kyle Gatti presents “unnamed photograph”

By Morgan Hodder.
This week’s showcase artist is photographer Kyle Gatti. The picture hosted is unnamed. Gatti said he prefers not to have titles for his pieces; he wants the viewer to come up with their own thoughts on his work.
Gatti said one of the themes he loves to explore is the relationship between man-made creation and nature.
Inspiration for taking all Gatti’s pictures, including the one being hosted, came to him when he was out and about, Gatti said. Other inspiration lies in his friend Lee, who is the greatest photographer Gatti knows. He strives to have his work nearly as good as hers.
“I do photography because I feel that it’s real. It tells the truth at the moment the picture was taken.”
Gatti said he started photography when he was in high school because his friend handed him a camera and told him to have fun. This is his second quarter at BCC. Gatti hopes to become a social worker.