Swinging into action this spring quarter

Baseball 2The Bellevue College baseball team has been training hard over spring break to start off the first games of the new quarter this year and played a non-league game with Green River and won. Hard work along with smart tactics are required for a successful baseball game. With a combination of experience, practice and calls made from the dugout, players need to react quickly after each pitch. “We had a difficult first part of season playing tough teams,” says Head Coach Mark Yoshino. The team has been spending a lot of time practicing and improving all aspects of the their baseball game. “We couldn’t do much because of baseball every day,” says number 32 Nick Kiel. “Just grinding out every day with practice and try to get ready for the upcoming series every weekend.”
Players work hard to improve their own baseball game for the team’s overall benefit as well. “I’m a pitcher,” explains Kiel, “I just try to do everything I can to prepare myself for each start and do everything I can during the week to build up to each weekend and pitch the best that I can.” Pitching demands concentration. Not only does trained muscle control and hand- eye coordination account for success but being able to read your opponent’s intentions is also required. There are a variety of pitches at a player’s disposal from change ups used to deceptively manipulate the balls speed to other pitches like sliders that suddenly dip down just before the player swings.
The Bulldogs will need a team that works in sync and work well with each other. “We need good pitching and defense,” says Yoshino. With a vigorous training schedule carried over from last season, the players feel comfortable with their peers. “We’ve got 18 sophomores. We have a bunch of returners,” says Kiel, “so we’re all a close knit group of guys.
We’ve got good team chemistry. When we all play together and play as a team that’s when we play our best baseball.”
In order to play a successful defense the players will need to work together to catch hits and return the ball to the target plate or player, efficiently. Pitchers will need to be observant in order to spot potential base stealing. Vocal communication will
be imperative between players and while plays may not happen frequently, they happen quickly and suddenly. A good offensive batter requires a good stance and a sharp eye. Spotting tricky pitches disguised as fast balls is an acquired skill so patience and confidence must be brought to the plate. “We’ve hit some pretty far home runs this year,” says Kiel, “I feel like we have a good chance to hopefully sweep the series.” The BC Bulldogs’ next game will be at Everett Memorial Stadium on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm. For more information on the players, assistant coaches, and other people involved in upcoming baseball events at Bellevue College, contact Head Coach Mark Yoshino or visit the Bellevue College athletics website.