Take a bite out of Seattle

One of the best ways to get a sense of the spirit of a city and its people is to taste the food they eat. The Bite of Seattle has been doing exactly that for 28 years now.

Every year chefs, vendors and food/cooking aficionados show up to represent the cultural palate of the city.

This year, the event takes place from July 17 to 19, and will be held at the Seattle Center.

This year, one of the perks is the “right portion, right price” concept. By public demand, the festival will feature smaller portions for a smaller cost to you, only $3.75 to sample any of the menu items.

This way, you leave room to try more tasty samples, without making room in your wallet. It’s the right bite for the right price.

Some other features at this year’s festival will include a skateboard tournament at the Seattle Center Skate Park, live blues musicians throughout the whole event, laughs at the Bacardi comedy club presented by 96.5 JACK FM at the Fisher Pavilion, and this year’s festival will feature more heart healthy foods.

For those who would rather come to drink instead of eat, there will be the Bite of Seattle Wine Tasting and several beer gardens featuring the brews of Alaskan Amber, Stella Artois, Bud Light, and a newcomer to the microbrewery scene called Shock Top – a Belgian style unfiltered wheat ale.

Though you don’t have to eat, all the drink selections are paired with the food to enhance their flavor.

What would an event like this be without some live competition?

On the Comcast Red Plum stage, local chefs will test their abilities both as craftsmen and showmen.

Each demonstration will be 30 minutes and will follow up with a Q & A session between the audience and the chef.

A complete schedule of these events is available at www.biteofseattle.com.

Several local radio stations are helping contribute to the atmosphere with constant music.

106.1 KISS FM, 95.7 KJR FM, 102.5 KZOK FM and 98.9 KWJZ jazz FM will have designated stages with nonstop sets this whole festival a real treat to the senses.

A complete list of artists and acts on these stages is also available on the Bite of Seattle website.

If you’re not convinced this is the place to be, consider the fact that over 450,000 people are estimated to attended, perhaps to help consume the 365 kegs of beer, 2000 gallons of water and 175,000 pounds of ice.