Tennis athlete undefeated

Standing 5’9” and named Baden Northwest Athletic Ascociation of Community College Player of the Year, Rixing Xu has come back this season with a new goal in sight. She has an unbeaten record of 12-0. Also, four of 12 are games against four-year schools, which are generally more challenging than two-year schools. “Rixing has taken her game to the next level this season, specifically in practice,” says Head Coach Jason Chapman. “She is running harder; she’s hitting harder, working harder. I see her trying to finish points and matches quicker, really being more aggressive. Last year she was consistent, which was great in winning matches, but I want her to add things like power in her swings and more aggressiveness, and try to impress scouts from four-year schools,” This season Xu is more focused on her goal, he says. “I want to play in a four-year university, and playing in a Division I school is my goal,” says Xu. Rixing Xu held her first tennis racket at the age of 12 in the summer before 8th grade. According to Xu, her passion for the sport started with her parents, who introduced the sport to her. She was at first reluctant to play, until her parents forced her. She then took tennis as a hobby. “A hobby that took a lot of time,” she says. Since then, she has improved her game and has reached the platform she is at today.
The NWAAC tournament will be held at the end of May, and Rixing Xu will be coming in as number one in women’s singles. “Number one” is all Coach Chapman expects from her. She was able to dominate the NWAAC tournament last season, finishing her opponents with a resounding 6-0 in her two championship games. However, according to Coach Chapman, “She needs to do more volleys. She is not very confident in them. I want to see her moving forward to the net in her doubles games.”
In the long run, Xu and Coach Chapman are concentrating on getting a scholarship to a four-year school. The Bellevue College athletics department has helped Xu as well, with their excellent program that will make her transition to her school of choosing as smooth as possible. “Her chance in getting a scholarship for University of Washington[…]for next year is not very good, as most of the scholarships have been given out,” says Coach Chapman, “so we are hoping that the school will allow her to have a walk off, so that she will be able to show her talent in beating the players that UW has given their scholarship opportunities to. This will allow her to get a scholarship in her senior year.”Xu-web-900x375